Okyanos is a digital agency with a dual core offering, Creative and Mission driven. Our Creatives work on user-centric strategies and designs which deliver your business goals, while our Mission Driven arm helps you build a digital presence that scales up both your reach and revenue.

As world-class digital strategists and designers, our incredibly capable team of mages create exciting digital experiences that increase revenue and margins for our clients. We harness the power of advanced technologies, modern development methodologies, augmented analytics and design thinking to overcome complex challenges. We’re an agile & disruptive agency focused on creating consumer businesses that reach millions of consumers.

We Fulfill the Cost – Quality equation.
We provide the best quality with the lowest possible cost to achieve business goals.

Rather than dwell on our past achievements, we look forward to the enormous opportunities that are emerging from the growing shift to digital business.

We invest in new solutions and acquisitions, build our capabilities, and develop our teams to ensure that Okyanos is well-positioned to help clients explore the vast opportunity – and deliver on the potential – of this new digital business era.

Okyanos enables global enterprises to optimize their operations, manage their cost, and invest in innovation that unleashes new potential across their organizations.

What makes us unique is our ability to conceptualize, architect, and implement new and expanded capabilities that allow our clients to transform legacy models to take their business to the next level.

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