Flame POS

Flame POS

Flame POS is a SAAS web based application that will help you take control of your restaurant and never miss a bit. 

We have Developed Flame after a long journey and surveys with Business owners so its the most stable Web App that will Keep you updated with every single detail in your place.

Flame is now Taking Control and helping 20+ business owners monitoring their business without even being there.

Recipe Management

Monitor your kitchen’s Materials Real time and keep tracking your inventory with our fully integrated Recipe management module that will lower material loss leading to rapid incremental in your daily revenue. 

Waiter App

Facilitate your restaurant’s operation by giving waiters mobility which saves Time.

Waiters from now and on will no longer move with a pen and paper they will just tap on a TABLET and the order is automatically Placed and send to your kitchen leading to more efficiency and less human errors 

Manage Remotely

just keep Tracking your restaurant any where you are and fully control your system. 

You can add items , change prices , add promotions and generate all kind of reports you need from your place with no need to be in your place which saves your time and help you manage multiple locations easily 


Keep updated and notified with our Reporting system with more than 20+ Reports starting from your daily revenue to your stocks in kitchen.

our reporting system is tremendously accurate and have been tested dozen of times.


Hardware No MORE !!

There is no need for any kind of fancy hardware , we run on any kind of PCs , Connected to any type of printers and no need for servers or huge infrastructures