Bread Rest.

Project Details

Bread Restaurant ​

Case Study

BREAD is not just a bakery shop. It’s a place even the air is more delicious. Somehow the aroma captures everything good. The blend between the smell of freshly baked bread mixed with the high-quality coffee scent bring joy and happiness not only for customers but for even the people in the street.
We bring to the market a new era of high variety of bakery goods. In BREAD we use only the freshest, finest, and ripest ingredients to ensure you have exceptional flavor on every bite.
We’ve got a great team in place, and over the coming months and years, we look forward to introducing a little bit of BREAD to this corner of city

Strategy Implementation

After their Journey, Bread  started their Marketing journey and with Okyanos help we started their Social Media Marketing campaign just to aware their loyal Clients about their new products and MENU.

Okyanos has succeeded in their rule providing bread Rest. new soul in the Food and Beverage market.

Social Media Management