Bull GYM

Project Details

Bull GYM

Case Study

Bull GYM opened its gates in Alexandria, Egypt 2020.
It’s a Fitness Center & Club Providing the finest training techniques, equipment, and nutritional concepts.
Also have many classrooms for variable classes with the best coaches.
Bull GYM opened its gates before the Coronavirus pandemic and it was rough days due to enclosure, after the corona pandemic they had another big issue regarding encouraging people to subscribe.

Strategy Implementation

After Dealing with Okyanos we were able to launch analysis  through competitors after that we started to brainstorm to place our strategy and start acting to face these issues.
We started with awareness campaigns about the gym and how they care about sterilizing their place to face the coronavirus also providing top class coaches to help people.
We succeeded through our social media campaign and marketing campaigns to generate lots of leads and we helped them to stand out in the market.
Within the first 2 months, Bull GYM was full, and no more places for extra people.

Social Media Management